Need to get away from it all? We want you to have the weekend getaway that is perfect for you

No matter if you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, a girls/guys weekend or go on a family adventure with the kids, we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re into the Great Outdoors, something thrilling like throwing yourself out of a plane with a parachute (and an instructor) strapped to your back or you prefer an indulgent weekend of eating, drinking and relaxing, you’re sure to find a getaway that suits you.

We know New Zealand first-hand. From famous tourist attractions like Waitomo Caves and Milford Sound to the hidden gems, beautiful beaches and heavenly hot pools, we’ve seen (almost) all of them. At Weekend Getaways NZ, we believe the secret ingredient to design your perfect getaway is our own passion for the beauty that is New Zealand.

All our getaways are handpicked and designed for you to fully enjoy your weekend. We take the hassle of researching, planning and booking away from you so you can just sit back and enjoy even before your weekend trip. And if you don’t feel like driving to your destination, we can even organise a driver for you! 

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Travel in times of COVID19

At Weekend Getaways NZ, we only work with tourism companies that comply with the hygiene and physical distancing regulations set by the New Zealand Government. 

We also make sure we only create packages with companies who are open and operating in Alert Level 1 and 2.

About Alex

Alex is a real travel junkie. Since she was a little girl, she loved nothing more than exploring new places. First with her parents and later with friends, partner and on her own. 

It’s not surprising she started working in tourism at the age of 15, using her passion for travel to realise her customers’ dream vacations. Fast-forward 20 years and she still can’t imagine working in any other industry other than tourism! 

In 2009, Alex travelled to New Zealand for the first time where she worked (for a motorhome company) and then extensively travelled both the South and North Island, absolutely loving every place she visited.

It was also in New Zealand where Alex met her partner, Chris, and decided to move from Switzerland to Auckland in 2017. Since then, they explore Aotearoa together on as many weekend getaways as they possibly can and write about it on their travel blog Discover Aotearoa – New Zealand from N to Z