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Explore the Waitomo Caves with Waitomo Adventures

Want to go on a thrilling adventure and at the same time see the famous Waitomo glowworms? Then Waitomo Adventures are the people you’re looking for! Their action-packed tours are an experience you’ll always remember, thanks to their combination of caving, abseiling, and blackwater rafting, surrounded by the magical light of the New Zealand glowworms. 

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By the way, all tours can be done with moderate fitness and you don’t need any experience in caving. Before heading into the caves, the guides give you instructions. They make sure you’re happy and safe at any time. 

As you can’t take your own camera, the guides will take pictures of you and your group in action which they’ll share with you for free after the tour. 

Lost World Epic – All day tour

If Tom Cruise (Mr. “I do all my stunts myself”) enjoyed the tour so much that he kept going back to do it over and over again, you just know it’s an absolute highlight! 

Waitomo Adventure’s signature tour starts off with an exhilarating 100m abseil into the cave! Dangling on a rope over the abyss, rays of light filtering through the lush bush into the dark cave underneath you, you might feel a bit scared but at the same time alive as never before! 

Once you safely reach the ground, you have time to catch your breath and eat your packed lunch (included) before you move deeper into the massive cave system. See galaxies of glowworms, walk, wade, swim, jump, clamber, climb and navigate your way through the gigantic streamway passages.

After the tour, take a hot shower at Waitomo Adventure’s facilities and then enjoy a BBQ dinner cooked by your guides. 

Lost World – Half day tour

The Lost World half-day tour is the slightly lighter version of the Full Day Epic. You won’t get quite as wet as with the full day tour but you also start with the crazy 100m abseil down the moss-covered, water-dripping cave walls. 

Wander through the magical world under the ground, feed eels, and see the magnificent glowworms. What went down must come up and the way you’ll get back to the surface is by climbing a 30m ladder! 

Blackwater Rafting TTT (Tumu Tumu Caves)

Spend more quality time underground than with other blackwater rafting options in Waitomo as you explore the Tumu Tumu Caves on foot, plus swimming and floating on an underwater river. On this action-packed tour, you get to do all the blackwater fun plus an epic caving adventure, crawling through narrow holes from one cave to the next. Because you don’t spend all your time in the water, you won’t get as cold as you might be elsewhere. And just as with the other Waitomo Adventure Tours, your path is lit by the magical glowworms. 

Haggas Honking Holes – 4h tour

This Waitomo caving tour is one for the adventurous! It comes with all the works you’d expect from Waitomo: glowworms and caves. And so much more, like abseiling (often down waterfalls), rock climbing, stalagmites and stalactites. 

YES, you will get wet in this tour. But that’s all part of the fun (and hot showers at the end of the tour are provided, not to worry).

Haggas Honking Holes is a fast-paced and action-packed tour that leaves no time to be bored. A bit of bravery is required but you’re in safe hands with the guides. They know their cave and its tricks and make sure you resurface safely and with a massive grin!

With Weekend Getaways NZ, you’ll get 10% off all of the Waitomo Adventures tours. Just go to their website and enter GETAWAY when you book. 

Make it a weekend getaway

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